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(Aida Ethelind Fairbairn)
Aida is the half Noble, half human daughter of King Adrian Fairbairn and Queen Kathleen,
and Kael's twin. Nobles are similar to humans, but they are 10 times stronger and faster, they
can see the future but they don't have emotions, they're perfect soldiers. You can recognise
them by the silver hair, and their eyes: green and red. However, Aida, doesn't have a red eye,
because she's half human. In fact, most of the people who meet her, tell her that "she looks like
a Noble but doesn't feel like it". When Nobles are born with a twin, their parents decide to kill
one of them, to let the other one be stronger., but Aida's parents didn't kill her, and when her
father died, her brother tried to kill her. She spent all of her life hiding from his brother, and traveling.
Aida is notably snarky and sarcastic, with a bit of a temper, but is ultimately a brave and goodhearted
young woman, who is loyal to and protective of her friends. Aida is quite witty and is noted for having
a "smart mouth". Aida has good survival instincts, but can sometimes behave impulsively and is a bit
of rebel. Aida is not afraid to speak her mind and has no trouble standing up for herself.

(If you want to learn the whole story, please play Ascension here:



While hiding from her brother, she found friends and a boyfriend. Her boyfriend, Zander
is a moonelf with magic powers. She was afraid of magic until she met him, After her trial
as a princess, they both decided to learn more about magic. Instead of studing in his father
academy in Ildis, they decided to travel the world to find something different, and to stay away
from Zander's parents because they don't like Zander Then, one day, they received the Hogwarts's
letter, and from that moment everything changed. It was the beginning of a new journey, a new


I'm here to roleplay as Aida, so I'd like to roleplay with other Ascension's characters:
Sky, Tillie, Zander, Jace, Faelern and Seena. BUT I'll also roleplay with everyone!
If you're interested in roleplaying as one of Aida's friends, please play the whole
three chapters of Ascension. The game is online, it's a visual novel where you can
choose the story, you will play as the main character Aida, but you will also be able
to learn about the others.

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