Emma Moeller

Pure-Blood Student

A Gryffindor's heart is bigger than their fears.

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Basic Info:
Name - Emma Hope Moeller
Parents - Joanna and Mark Moeller
Birth Date - July 10, 1999
Birthplace - San Bernardino, California
Residence - London, England
Era - HP and Next Generation
Blood Status - Pure-Blood
House - Gryffindor
Race - Witch/Metamorphmagus
Favorite Class - Charms
Patronus - Siberian Cat
Animagus - Lioness
Familiar - Priscilla [Tortoiseshell Cat]
Wand Length - 9 3/4"
Wand Wood - Rowan
Wand Core - Dragon Heartstring

Emma Moeller is a pure-blood witch born in San Bernardino, California. Emma was a bit of a hassle to maintain while growing up. She was constantly doing something, that something usually being quite dangerous. She enjoyed living in the moment, not worrying about the consequences. Being an only child, her parents were very protective of her and hesitant to let her go. They were reluctant to send her off to Hogwarts, but she proved that she can handle herself just fine. She shares many traits of Ravenclaws as well, being highly intelligent, having managed to maintain good grades through all of school. Although she is very smart, her most dominant trait is her bravery. Now at Hogwarts, Emma is determined to excel and try to be the greatest witch Hogwarts has ever seen.

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