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Hello I am Ari Haven, a half-blood witch born in 2001, Australia. I live in Australia and study magic long distance. My favourite subject is charms.

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I was born to Leana Haven in 2001. I am a half-blood, my mum was a pure-blood witch but my father was a thunder-bird. You probably know that thunder-birds are creatures that create thunder and rain when they flap their wings and can create lighting with their eyes, stories of them can be found in many cultures. What you might not know is that they can also shed their bird body and take human form. This is how I exist. My mother met my father on a trip to America that she took when she finished school. It was a fleeting romance and she returned home not knowing she was pregnant. When she realised, my grandparents disowned her and she became one of the many homeless. My mother's labour was very difficult, it went for 34 hours and afterwords she died from the strain. The reason it was so difficult is because I was born with wings. Thunder-birds and mortals are not meant to procreate, so I am a rare cross-breed. As such it is hard to know what aspects my heritage will effect, past children of muggles and thunder-birds have produced beings able to control wind, rain and lighting. However in my case I have wings.
After my birth I was found and fostered (luckily) by a wizarding couple. Fast-forward a few years and I am 11 years old. My parents could not afford to send me to Hogwarts and it took quite a few years to figure out how I could study magic. Thank-fully we found a way for me to study long distance. I was over joyed when I found out I was in Ravenclaw and now here I am.
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