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When I got my Hogwarts letter I got so excited! I only started demonstrating accidental magic a few months before, so I was worried I wouldn't be deemed good enough to enter, even though my Dad reassured me that Hogwarts would let me in. My twin James, who suddenly made Mum fly to the ceiling when he was eight (EIGHT, the arrogance of it!) told me otherwise, of course. Grin was wiped off his face when I got my letter an hour before him!
I'm a halfblood- my Dad's the one from a magical background. Mum had no idea what to do with us when James and I needed magical supplies- she's still learning about the magical world. When we walked through the wall to Platform 9 and 3/4 she was just as surprised as we were!

Then when we got sorted, James and I were both placed into Ravenclaw. He thought he was Gryffindor for sure and got into a hatstall- but the hat eventually said 'Ravenclaw'. James huffed about the hat's decision a little, but after a while he realized it was right for him. I was thankful we weren't separated- as I thought we might be. But I would never tell him that.

We're currently both in fifth year. I'm on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team as one of their Chasers and James is on the school's chess team- last year he competed against Durmstrang! We're both in the same friendship group (I can never get away from him) with our friends Willow Potter-Malfoy, Jessica Ryans, Francis Watson and Eyrn Jackson. Willow's a Hufflepuff along with Francis and Jessica and Eyrn are both in Ravenclaw. We're all currently agonising over our impending NEWTs- but I think we'll all do okay.

My favourite subject here is Charms- I love it. How you can do so many things with it and I love the practicals. Defense Against the Dark Arts is really fun as well, and I have a certain passion for Astronomy. When I'm older, I'd like to become either an Astronomer or an Auror, although I'm always held some fascination for what Unspeakables do and that could definitely become a potential career for me.
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