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Growing up, I didn't have much contact with the wizarding world. My dad, who turns out has always been a wizard, used to tell me all these stories about fantastic beast and magical places and, whilst I enjoyed them tremendously, I always found it slightly hard to believe in them. Guess I was pretty sceptical for a child, right? My mum didn't seem particularly inclined to make me believe in my dad's stories either, she would often tell him to not fill my head with senseless tales. No wonder they ended up divorcing when I was 8.
I didn't take their divorce badly, in case you're wondering. I didn't care if they were actually together or not. But it did upset me when dad moved away-- moved all the way to England! So I didn't get to see him as often as I liked. I actually spent almost two full years without seeing him, only using our mobiles to talk to each other. But one day he just... showed up at my doorstep. Mum was cooking dinner then but I remember her stopping to look at him and there was something in her look, understanding it seemed, but also resignation. That was the day I received my Hogwarts acceptance letter and, trust me, I didn't know what to make of it. I remember reading it three times before looking at my dad's smiling face and demanding an explanation.
It was surreal but I was excited, even if there was still doubt lingering in the back of my mind.
I think my favourite experience was shopping at Diagon Alley. All those different shops, objects moving around on its own, the owls and other pets- it was all so magical. Shopping for my wand was thrilling and unlike anything I had ever experienced. I remember entering the shop and feeling.... weird. I still don't know how to describe what I felt then but I think the closest I can get to it is "peacful"? Anyway, when me and my dad stepped up to the balcony to speak to the old man behind it, there was a sudden rattle coming from one of the aisles to our left and one of the drawers seemed to have been shaking- that, as it turned out, was my wand. A beautiful Vine wood wand with a Dragon heartstring core of 12 ½" - to this day, I can't find anything wrong with it.
Moving on a bit, I have to admit that I was rather anxious about going to Hogwarts. Dad told me it was a great school, big and old; but what got me feeling scared was when we got to the platform. No, not the whole "run through the pillar" thing but the whole "I have to get into a train by myself and befriend others". I had never been a sociable kid- hell, I still am not a sociable person! But things turned out okay at the end, and Hogwarts wasn't as scary as I had imagined.
It was actually pretty cool! And amazing and beautiful- the entire castle and everything around it. It felt like I was being transported into some other dimension... I'm pretty sure others have felt this way ahah.
I ended up being sorted into Slytherin (dad, as it turns out, was a Gryffindor but he saw no problem in this) and so far it has been a great experience!!
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