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I was born from a completely muggle family in 2003, and when I began showing signs of magical abilities, my parents were infuriated. They'd heard about these types of things, and when it happened, the child would be sent off to some remote place. I was a top student in my muggle classes, and their only child. When I was finally able to pull away, I gathered enough money to buy my supplies. My wand was a hawthorn wood with a dragon heartstring core 12" and hard flexibility. Once on Hogwarts Express, I was met with more bullying, as I had with muggle school. This reason was different, of course, but it still stung. But back to the plot. While on the train, I met one other who shared the same qualities as I. Her name was Katherine, and our friendship quickly blossomed. Once we arrived at the magical school named Hogwarts, Katherine was sorted before I. It only took a millisecond for the hat to shout out the word "SLYTHERIN!" I had heard on the train that the Slytherins were terrible people, but had "reformed" slightly after the war. Kate's face had a slightly disgusted face as she walked to the table. When I was sorted, it took the hat a solid 5 minutes to decide whether to place me in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. By the 3rd, I was starting to wonder if I was even an actual witch. The hat finally shouted "RAVEN- NO HUFFLEPUFF" Now everyone knew which two I was between. Great. I felt out of place as I desperately searched for a seat between the friends. I ended up near the end, where not many people were. Katherine and I remained in touch, as she was my only friend, and I being hers. Of course, I have no significant other as who would want to hang out with the shy nerd?
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