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I was born in 1996 as the eldest daughter of the Carstairs family. My mother is Doctor Doge and my father was Alexander Benedict Carstairs, who was tragically killed in 2008 while he was on a secret mission for the leader of the Order of the Phoenix. He was killed while defending Doc's honour. Doc never found out the true nature of his mission and this led her to become Chief Auror. Having joined the Auror training programe shortly after leaving Hogwarts.

I also have 5 siblings, namely Luna (18), Ice (16), Tami (14), Apella (13) and Tiger (15). I have always gotten along well with all my siblings and we have gotten even closer after our father's death. We did not see our parents as much as they were always on secret missions, this was the reason as to why we have gotten as close, as we always took care of each other as much as we can. We were close to our parents as well, and our parents cared deeply for us.

The Carstairs was a pureblood family with a long lineage back from even before the founding of Hogwarts. However since more modern times, blood purity was not a matter they concerned themselves with as much. Most Carstairs pursued a career of something related to defending humanity. There is a long lineage of aurors, and during the great wizarding war, a lot of Carstairs also joined the order of the phoenix. I myself, though cared greatly for protection of both muggles and magical people, was not a good dueler and my strengh never lied with offensive spells. I rather had a skill in healing and I enjoyed helping people and healing them. This is the reason I became a healer. I also have a great love for literature and thus in my spare time I am also an author.

In 2015, I married Tobias Gregorovitch, a hufflepuff who I have met during my time in Hogwarts. During that time, he became one of my best friends and we even began dating after a while. In 2014 he proposed to me. It happens a lot that the Carstairs marry young, as most Carstairs do not live as long due to their career choices. Some do not get married at all, but do have children, like my mother. My mother and my father never got married, however that didn't take away that they loved each other dearly. They simply never had the time to get married due to them always being on dangerous missions.
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