Clara Valentine


Underestimate me. That’ll be fun

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Full name: Clara Aurelia Celeste Valentine
Nationality: French/British
Blood status: Pure Blood
Age: 17
Wand: English Oak, Phoenix, 13″, Supple
Patronus: Raven
Birthday: 21 June

"Murder at Valentine Mansion" read the front page on the newspaper "Yesterday, on 21 June, at 11:35 pm, an unknown man entered Palais des Roses (Palace of Roses), current residence of a well known, pure blood family, the Valentines, and in a particularly gruesome way have taken the live of Olivia Dominique Valentine, the lady of the house." Stated the article on the next page. Just on the left hand side of the page was a picture of a tall, well build, dark haired man in his mid forties, escorting what could only be called a trembling, bloody mess, of a young girl, in the direction of the car. This blonde, petite and pale creature is his "beloved" daughter. The only heir to the house of Valentine.
What would you tell me after looking at this photo? "I so sorry about what happened to you mother"? Everyone does. But if you knew what really happened that night... Family and friends would always say: "It changed her", "She's a different girl after the incident", "Poor girl had to witness her mother's death with her own two eyes". Nothing changed me. I'm not different. And I definitely don't need their pity. At most, it made me see who I really am, and it's definitely not some prim and proper Beauxbaton sweetheart.

My father in fear of people finding out the secrets that enveloped our family after the incident, decided to move back to where we originated, London. And that's how I found myself in Hogwarts.

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