Ty Elizabeth

Death Eater

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We are not friends. We are not allies. We are not acquaintances. I am nothing to you. You are nothing to me. I have no regrets, I do not feel, I do not care and I never will. Also, do not test me, you'll get two warnings. The first you shall be hexed but the second time you'll have your blood painted on my walls.

Do not consider me a friend, I am nothing but a "friend", though one thing is for sure. I will be your death, sooner or later. Know the difference between reality and insanity, it might as well save your life if you ever encounter me.


-- Ty Elizabeth Whitefeather
-- Pureblood
-- Age 16
-- Height: 5"5

--Likes: Potions, things being clean, books, and mythical creatures,
--Dislikes: Muggle pop music


~ Every time Ty gets into a lift by herself or with people she knows, she sits
~She used to HATE the thought of being a Death Eater, until somebody did her wrong and she never got her revenge on them because they were shortly killed.
~ She's hated every single Libra she's ever met
~ She's a Libra
~ Obsessed with Glass
~ Enjoys starting arguments and bickering with people, especially people that she likes. It's not like she wants people to care. She just likes doing it.
~ She's horrible with names
~ She loves getting new items
~ She hates buying spending coins
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