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I am the only Hufflepuff in a family of Pureblood Gryffindors, and it came as a surprise to my father that a family such as the Pendragons had a Hufflepuff in it. Nevertheless, he fully accepts me for who I am - after all, great loyalty can lead to great acts of bravery!
My sister, Iris Pendragon, and my brother, Morgan Pendragon, are both in Gryffindor. Iris is a third year, Morgan is a first year. I myself am a fourth year.
I was brought up on Arthurian tales of adventure and battles; of water women and magic swords; of dragons and sorcerers. I suppose that if I was a muggle, these ideas would sound very far fetched, but as a witch they were simply near factual tales of my ancestors.
Yes, that's right. If you weren't able to tell from my last name, I am a descendent of Arthur Pendragon..
You may not know this, as Merlin does much of the spell casting in the recorded tales, but the reason that Arthur was able to pull the famed sword from the stone, and the reason that he and his fellow knights could communicate with the lady of the lake was because they were all wizards. Admittedly, not very powerful wizards, but they still had a bit of magic in their veins.
And thus, here I am, at Hogwarts
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