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Hello, my name is Yor, an incoming fourth year student here at Hogwarts. I am a half-blood from the cold country Canada. I'm currently 15. I had discovered I had magical abilities when I was about 7 or 8, I accidentally made my teddy bear float when I was playing with a friend. Turns out my mother was a pureblooded-witch who had learned to accustom to the muggle world because she fell in love with my muggle father. Anyway, after she admitted it, she and my dad talked about it - and decided it was best that I was put into Hogwarts. I was ecstatic as I was able to bring along my 2-year old Siberian kitty named Riceball. I was sorted into Slytherin as the Sorting Hat thought this would best suit me with my cunning nature and my ambition for writing. It took a while for the Sorting Hat to make the decision though, as it was torn between putting me in Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Whether or not I was placed in either house, I would have been happy either way. My blood status didn't really bother anyone in the Slytherin house, they all seemed fine with it. In fact, there were a few muggle-borns here and there in the house as well. One of my favourite classes would definitely have to be Charms, it intrigues me the most compared to other classes. The class that I do not enjoy however is - well actually, none of them. I enjoy all of my classes and believe that I am very lucky to even be here. Aside from Charms, I am also intrigued with Arithmancy, though I believe we won't be learning about that until our later years. When I graduate, I am honestly not sure what I want in life. Being a lawyer from the muggle world is a tempting offer, although I generally am not sure. But I do want to do something else as well, probably something to do with helping people by the use of magic - I haven't thought about it yet. I enjoy spending my time reading and writing, creating and indulging myself in fictional worlds.

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