Evony Senoj

2nd Year Student; TNFG, CHRM, & FLY PA

My goal is to take and pass every course at HIH! (I'm kind of a Slytherclaw) ^.^

  • Joined January 2016
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 2612 House Points
  • 2nd Year
  • United States


Wand: Ebony wood, dragon heartstring core, 9 1/2" length, hard flexibility.

Patronus: Manx Cat

Future Career: Undecided; Unspeakable in Department of Mysteries or Magizoologist that specializes in tracking, detaining, and (when necessary) eliminating poachers and other threats to Beasts.

Background: I don't like to talk much about my past. I was in a Muggle foster home when I recieved my letter from Hogwarts. I was taken in by the School, my provisions provided for by the Ministry, and I never looked back.

Transcript (+ indicates FULL completion, including all EC)
Astronomy: 97% - O+
Charms: 94% - O+
Defense Against the Dark Arts: 96% - O+
Flying: 95% - O+
Herbology: 94% - O+
History of Magic: 92% - O+
Potions: 98% - O+
Transfiguration: 97% - O+

Alchemy: 94% - O
Ancient Runes: 97% - O+
Astronomy: (Retaking New Version)
Care of Magical Creatures: 97% - O+
Charms: 96% - O+
Defense Against the Dark Arts: 98% - O
Divination: (In Progress)
Herbology: (In Progress)
History of Magic: (In Progress)
Potions: (In Progress)
Transfiguration: (In Progress)


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