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Before Hogwarts
I grew up in a house alone with my mother, but the everyday life was not always great. My mom and I didn't really get along.

But I always knew I was special in some way. Things I could not understand happened around me.
When my mom would scream and shout at me for no good reason, our dog would always come to me and lay on my lap.
When she would be drunk on the sofa and I would hide in my room, it felt like no sounds could go in or out of my room - I didn't hear her shouting or crying, and she would not hear me playing with my toys, listening to music or laughing.

The summer after I turend 11, we reveived my acceptance letter. I was so excited, but my mom did not share my excitement. She is a muggle. She refused to send me to school there, and so I stayed in my muggle-school.

When I tured 22 I had left home and finally found the courage to go back to Hogwarts to get my education.

Starting at Hogwarts

I bought everything I needed from Digagonal Ally and then I jumped on the train from platform 9 3/4. 

The ride was exceptionally - the landscape I saw was the most beautiful and dream-like experience I had up until that moment. 

Arriving at the sorting ceremony, I was so scared. All eyes on me - I never felt comfortable with attention, so I closed my eyes as soon as I sat on the stool. How long would it take for the sorting hat to decide what my destiny was?
But as soon as the hat was put on my head it screams "Hufflepuff!". I was so releived. Nothing could be a better start of my 7 years at the school, and I walked down to sit with my fellow Puffs!

Other things about me

My greatest strength and my greatest weakness is my empathy for other people. I always care endlessly more about other people than I do about myself. That is why my hope is to become something for others. I want to be able to help or protect other in the way that I was never protected. 

I will have to learn to take care of myself during my journey as well, but my main focus is helping and caring for others!

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