Zenna Porter

Student, Volunteer Librarian

Welcome! I'm Zenna, and I'm a nerd. I love books, Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, My Little Pony, chocolate, and roleplaying. Nice to meet you!

  • Joined October 2015
  • Member of Ravenclaw
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


From the moment I knew what the Houses were, I knew I would be a Ravenclaw. Long before I knew I was a witch, I was in and out of the library all the time, and if the computers occasionally had a glitch and forgot my fines, well, I didn't think twice about it. My Hogwarts letter came as quite the surprise, I can tell you! Turns out I'm not technically Muggle-born. My father was a Squib, and his parents decided not to tell him about the Wizarding World, to spare his feelings. Uncle Theo was a different story. He was so excited when he found out I was a witch!
Well, for someone who was always in the Muggle libraries, obviously there's no way you would ever keep me out of the libraries of Hogwarts! It wasn't long before I was volunteering to help Madam Pince resort entire sections of the library, and she swears I'll be replacing her when she retires, though I'm not so sure I want to spend my life working in a library that doesn't have any stories! It would be amazing to be a Muggle librarian and help them discover the magic of books, even if they can never find out the magic of our world, but how do you get a Muggle college degree when you haven't gone to any school they've ever heard of?
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