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Just a fellow Slytherin just trying to be the best I can despite my family's past. I'm brash, imaginative, crafty, audacious, and highly intelligent. Lets chat

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One does not choose their family and I am no different. I'm from the notorious Ashworth family (My father adopted Von Frost when he joined the ranks of the Dark Lord) and my family is one of opulent wealth as well to having well-known influence within the Ministry Of Magic. Close friends with the Malfoy, Lestrange, and Black family and iIt is said that The Von Frost Family were cousin's to the Black family through Cassiopeia Black, though, undisputed the four families remained close throughout the centuries. My Father Connor Sebastian Ashworth was a Pure Blood but also a Metamorphmagus, a trait which I inherited, my mother, Cressida Barlow, now Cressida Ashworth is a Veela. Both parents are well known Dark Magic practitioners, father more so than mother, alas they were both supporters of Lord Voldemort during the First Wizarding War and again during his second. Mother was a loving woman, though temperamental at times I would watch as she lost her temper with my siblings and witness her change into a Harpy like appearance, Veela nature I suppose because my sisters do it from time to time. Father however was more stern and hard, he loved us but it was always duty first and preserving our magical bloodline. Being the eldest of twelve brothers and sisters, puts a bit of pressure especially when you have a father slightly obsessed with Pure-Blood Mania, but I get by. Being part of a magical family has its perks though, father taught us about the various types of Magic and Potions, while mother gave us lessons in Herbology and Magical Creatures. Both my parents saw and boasted how my intellect could rival The Dark Lord's if I kept up with my studies. I'm not sure why father kept comparing me to be the most similar to The Dark Lord though, but there was always pride and love in his eyes when he spoke of the comparison especially after the discovery of me possessing the affinity for Parseltongue. Once I was nearing the age, Mother thought it prudent to take our trip to Diagon Alley where I could gather my school supplies, set of various vials, books, but more importantly: My Wand, and as it turns out, I'm the only person in our Blood-Line to be chosen by an Elder Wand.

Wand Wood: Elder

Wand Core: Horned Serpent Horn

Wand Length: 17.5"

Wand Flexibility: Unyeilding

Family House: Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw

Family Lineage: Pure-Blood & Veela

Family Wands: Yew, Rowan, Black Walnut, Pine, Willow, Dogwood, Walnut, & Maple

Family Dynamic: Strong Bonds With Mischievous Habits

Family Upbringing: Tough, Fair, Loving, & Full Of Mischief

Pets: Whiskered Screech Owl (Merlin), Mane Coon (Jade), a twelve foot Emerald Tree Boa( Nikita)
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