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Hi, I'm a 21 year old Christian Ravenclaw who spends way too much time in the fictional world for my parents taste but whatever!! :D

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I am a decent of House of Farquharson; and old Scottish Wizarding family noted for it's wealth and kindness to all but I only recent found out about magic due to a spell. My Grandmother (on my Mum's side) had to hide in the muggle world when she married a muggle during Voldemort's first rise to power. My great grand parents were killed by Death Eaters for being 'Blood Traitors" but my great Uncle Alan managed to survive. None of my Granny's four children had magic, much to her relief, and neither did it appear did any of the grandchildren. I spent my first 6 years on life in Australia because my Dad is Australian. But I spent my 4th birthday in the UK visiting family during which I displayed my first outburst of accidental magic. My Granny panicked as Voldemort was newly defeated and some Death Eaters were still at large. So she place a spell on me which meant whenever I had an out burst of accidental magic; I and those around me would immediately forget it.

When I was 6 we moved to Tanzania, Africa where I grew up for the next 10 years. It is thought that the owl carrying my letter was eaten or got lost. Since my Granny had magic, the no response was thought to me I was going to a different school or home-schooled. It wasn't until recently that someone bothered to look into it: my Great Uncle had died and my Granny's health was deteriorating (she also wanted nothing to do with the Wizarding World). There was a Wizengamot seat to be filled and vault full of gold/treasure (not to mention the family manor, complete with House Elves) to be assigned to. The Goblins insisted that there was another family member with magic and after checking all other relatives, they came to Australia (we'd moved back 3 years prior) and found me. After confronting me and my parents, they lifted the spell on us (my brother too) and asked me (as I was of legal age) to come back with them.

I took my seat on the Wizengamot and now study at Hogwarts (Ravenclaw, continuing the family tradition) along with other people my age (mainly Muggle-borns whose names Voldemort and hos followers had erased). And trying to use my seat on the Wizengamot to try and change the seriously outdated laws. While also trying to find out as much as I can about the Wizarding World.
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