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I got first in touch with Magic as I was 4 years old. The family of my mother is pureblood. Fairwell my father isn’t. So I atleast don’t have the blood status of my father neither the one of the family of my mother. My Vater has AB +, the Family of my mother 0 - and I 0 +.
So I am atleast closer to my mother in Blood Status. Well back to my first magic in this life. I was as I told 4 years old. We were on the way to the mall in New Jersey, were my Aunt and her family lived.My Grandmother my mother and I also particularly at some time of the year for example for Christmas but we had also an mention in Portugal and some times we all met in Germany. My mother, my Aunt my cousin and I were on the way to the mall when my grandmother told us a spell. It was full-moon. We should take a leather Wallet with money inside, shake it, think of something very powerful and positive and imagine how to money multiplies. It worked for me but not for my cousin so I think she is a squib.
I first got in contact to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a friend of mine received her Acceptance letter....shortly after that I received my own.
I was proved by Death him self. There was a drawing which got a high rating because of the effectance of the colors. I had also describe how to create the philosophers Stone and The Elexier of life or an Elixir of life without using the stone. I had to write how to produce olive Oil and about the fundamental rules of light. Further I turned Alluminium into white gold. At that time I was just at the beginning of reaching higher goals in German School System. It took a while and I registered at HiH. At that time I started working for school partly from 8:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m and after that I didn’t slept. I did economical analysis. For a while of a time I only rested 3 hours. Then I forced my mother to let my go out. A friend of mine wanted from me to drink 1,5 Liter of Crystal Meth conducted in Alkohol. The following days were terrible but a Psychiatrist who also supports Amnesty International „Professor Doctor Michael von Cranach“ whom I know since I was four years old helped me out, though I had, as far as I remember go to hospital. At least I couldn’t continue my studies. For a while I was on a German School of Witchcraft and Wizardry nobody knows were it exactly is but had to leave because of bad manors. To wanted me to forget but my mind is strong, as I found a way of contact threw wizarding World and saw pictures I reminded my self years after. My manners must have been that bad that I was to no further contact exspelled. I could have reached some degree from home later but I am not sure. I even practiced moving very heavy objects with the levitation charm and made invisible writings visible.
This time I want to finish Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Probably Death him self was informed about my Degrees and my 29’th Birthday threw the Elbic Society by the Law of Elbor and gave me for such the Elder Wand. Sorry, but even if it was destroyed I am sure Death him self is capable to repair the wand he crafted. Between 1101 - 1118 I was an Elbic Prince. Elbs are usually immortal but a cruel old creature killed me. So I later remember been reborn on the same day, with almost the same appearance in either Saint Morice or Saint Tropez. Further I can’t remember only that I was first born on earth on the 11.11.1101 11:02 - 11:07 a.m.
But I remember that in my life before I was born on the 28’th of September 1971 in Zuerich soon went to an Arabian School near Charmounix in Switzerland and died on our A level vacation by an skying accident on the 18’th of March 1989. I had mastered together with my girlfriend at that time to produce the Philosophers Stone.
That’s all
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