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Theodore Crawford
August 10, 2009
Surrey, England
Blood Status:

Attending School:
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Occupation on HiH:
Student at Hogwarts
Occupation Outside HiH:
Student at Hogwarts

Cypress wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12.5" and surprisingly swishy flexibility
Eponine the Barn Owl

General Appearance:
Theodore is a metamorphmagus and can therefore change how he looks at will. His natural appearance, however, is as follows: Light brown, neatly kept, short brown hair. He has fair skin, straight teeth, is thin, fair skinned and is marked by a few freckles here and there. He often likes to change the colours of his eyes as an expression of personality, and particularly enjoys changing the colour depending on his mood. During school, he keeps his uniform neat, clean and tidy (the same as his possessions and room). Outside of school, he tends to wear for formal clothing (i.e. button shirts, nice pants and shoes, etc.). However, sometimes he does enjoy wearing comfortable tracksuit pants and hoodies.

Family History and Early Life:
Theodore was born on August 10, 1999 to the quite wealthy and successful Theseus and Margarette Crawford in the town of Weybridge, Surrey, England. He spent is childhood going to fancy dinners, parties and all manor of things that no child wants to do. Theodore was never told how exactly his parents gained their wealth, although being "just a kid" people seemed to let their guards down a bit and he heard rumours throughout his childhood that his parents had dealings in "dark magic". His parents treated him with love and kindness and thus, Theodore had very little reason to trust what these people said about his parents. He used to think, 'What do they know? Their just jealous they don't have as much money'.

Life at Hogwarts:
At Hogwarts, Theodore is hoping to get away from the boring dinner parties and the judgemental looks and things people say about him and his family. Most of all, however, he wants to have make friends, have fun and enjoy the childhood that he doesn't get to enjoy at home.
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