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When I came to Hogwarts I was nervous for the sorting ceremony. My family has been a bit across the board when it came to house sorting and when I got sorted into Slytherin I was quite worried. But really it's not like people think. The stigma around Slytherin house isn't as bad anymore and it's reputation is equal to the other houses, ever since the destruction of the Dark Lord. I love Divination and Care of Magical Creatures and tend to be quite good at Transfiguration, but I could use a little work in Potions and my Summoning Charms aren't the strongest. I come from a halfbood family with two wizarding parents. When I was young I used to help my grandfather in his creation of wands (he ran a very small wand selling business that grew towards his later years but ended up closing with his death). He instilled in me a love for the craft that has stayed with me all these years and I think one day I'd like to open my own wand shop when I retire perhaps. But before that I hope to be an Auror so that I can help in the effort to defend the magical and non-magical worlds from those who stand against them. Till then I do what I can and study hard. I always have my buddy Sam with me too. He's a funny little siamese cat that tends to think he's more ferocious than he is. He loves going don to the stables and 'attacking' the hippogriff's legs. Well I suppose that's it really.
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