admin (lynn) is an entp, female (she/her), pan ace and sixteen:) please refer to the backstory section for allyse's character info.

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Name: Allyse Erin Strange
Age: Eleven
Gender: Female
Blood status: Half blood
Affiliation: Hogwarts, Slytherin house, Strange family
Pets: Miran, a brown male tabby cat with green eyes
Appearance: 150cm in height, blonde with blue eyes

Born of a half-blood heritage, Allyse was raised in a magical household with exposure to both words. Her father, Edwin Strange, was of English heritage. He attended Hogwarts and was part of Ravenclaw house, and after graduation continued on to become part of the Committee on Experimental Charms at the Ministry of Magic, where he oversaw and partook in the creation of new charms and sometimes as an extension, hexes. Her mother, Adeleine Reid, was a Muggle born and raised in New York City; who later traveled to Cambridge to continue tertiary education. When stopping by London, Adeleine met Edwin for the first time. By the time Adeleine graduated from college, they had been dating for a period of time, and after a few years, they were engaged.

Allyse is an only child, though she has a stillborn elder sister who was to be named Eyrise (pronounced similarly to Iris). At her mother's urge, she attended Muggle school starting from age six and gained a knowledge of what such an environment was like. When she received her Hogwarts acceptance letter, she eventually transitioned into a magical education and now attends this acclaimed school for witchcraft and wizardry as a proud member of the Slytherin house.

About Roleplay
I'm open to it at the moment! Prompts may be posted in the future, but we'll see. Not sure how this whole thing works on this site, but please only request to roleplay/respond only if you are willing to write multi paragraph replies with book standard and proper literacy and grammar. Past/present tense is both fine. A paragraph for instance may look like this:

Fall. It blew in through the windows, quiet, gradual. The leaves slowly turning brown and yellow and red. It's beautiful, and some may say that it's incredibly poetic and nostalgic, but right now Allyse could only think of how all these trees and plants are dying, dying, dying, and yet they still stay elegant in their own way. For a while she lets her own mind wander into macabre places; how and when would she herself die? But then she drags herself back into reality, because what's the use in thinking about those things? She has so much she wants to do. So much to accomplish and to achieve; lofty goals that required her full concentration and fire. Maybe it's too much for her and she'd realize that someday, but that was not today. She had let herself get tied up in golden expectations of success and glittering wishes of glory and so she must not let herself be deterred by pessimism now. So she gets up, treads past and away the window, and disappears down into the soft green lights of Slytherin's common room.
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