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Lydia is a sixth year Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts. She comes from a half-blood parentage - muggle-born mother, pureblood father -, where she was raised in the small magical town of Appleby. She has one younger brother who is currently in his fifth year of education.

From a young age, Lydia has shown magical abilities. It started off when she was approximately around the age of 5, when she caused a car's alarm to go off, just by merely thinking of it. At that time, her father was there to witness it, and had decided it was time to tell her about her heritage and future. He spoke that of his side of the family, he came from a mostly pureblood family and that they were cousins to the Prewett family.

As a child, she went to a muggle primary school where she got good grades on many of the subjects. She made a couple of friends, but they weren't close enough to call themselves 'best friends'. One of the reasons why she wasn't very close with other children was because of her love for learning new things. She couldn't help it, she just thoroughly enjoyed learning facts and all of that business.

When she turned 11, she received her letter about her acceptance into Hogwarts, which she had been expecting for a while. Her parents took her to Diagon Alley, where she bought perhaps a few more books than she should have, her wand, uniform and her female Cyprus cat - Athena. She took the train to Hogwarts, and was eventually sorted into Ravenclaw.

Throughout her years at Hogwarts, she was a very studious and hard-working girl. She thought that if she wanted to be fairly wealthy as an adult with a great job, she needed to work as hard as she could, and learn as much as she possibly could.

In her fifth year where she took her O.W.L. test, she passed with mostly flying colours. She was a bit disappointed when she received an E on Ancient Studies, but she refused to let that get her down.

Her goals and ambitions for the future is to firstly get a reasonable job, preferably a job in the Department of Runes and Symbols or a job as a Healer, she would be content with either. She would then want to use her well-earned money to buy a large-sized family home in either United States or Belgium, where one of her very close friends lived until she moved near Lydia when they were both 11. Her friend went on to go to Hogwarts - as she was a pureblood - and got sorted into Slytherin.
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