Elizabeth O'Nolan


  • Joined February 2015
  • Member of Slytherin
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


An only child born to a muggle family, Elizabeth grew up an outcast from other children her age due to her strange personality, wild looks, and odd occurrences that seemed to always happen around her. She eventually made two good friends in the muggle world, but when she got her letter from hogwarts she was ecstatic to finally have a chance to reinvent herself and perhaps finally have the friendships she's always wanted. During the sorting the sorting hat had a hard time placing her. Was she a good hufflepuff or slytherin? But with her strong ambition and willingness to rise above her station, Elizabeth was eventually placed in slytherin house. Her house didn't welcome her with open arms though. Because of her lack of knowledge of the wizarding world she was open about how her parents were muggles, quickly gaining the disdain of others in her house that valued blood purity.
Because of this she has simply grown more devoted to the friends she does have and a calming presence to those she knows. She wishes she had been sorted into hufflepuff, but can not switch houses.
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