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(Younger Student) I've spent half of my life looking forward to receiving my Hogwarts acceptance letter. What's that, you say? Why only half my life? Well, I'm a half blood. My dad is a wizard, and my mother is a muggle. I've mostly been raised in the muggle world, while seeing magic around the house and at the occasional visit to Hogsmeade. Naturally, going to a muggle school when I was younger and possibly letting something slip about the magical world would have been problematic, so my dad decided to tell me about magic when I was seven years old and less likely to slip up. I know it might seem like accidentally mentioning something about the magical world as a small child wouldn't be a big deal, just something that could be passed off as a feat of the imagination, it wasn't like that for me. I was a very precocious child, gifted with an unusually clear understanding for science and a bit of a maths savant. One of my teachers once described me as "downright incredible" with numbers, and I skipped two years of maths before starting a private, accelerated maths course. But as gifted as I was with logic, the same could not be said for my creative ability. I fell behind every year in English class due to my difficulty with creative writing. Sure, I was decent with essays, but writing stories? Not my thing. That's why even as a small child, my teachers learned to always take me at my word. I couldn't tell a good lie if my life depended on it. So you can imagine how shocked I was at the age of seven to find out that something as fantastical as magic actually existed in the world, and that I would someday be able to control it. Of course, I had already had some incidents of accidental magic, but I always explained those moments as something else to myself. But when I found out about magic, I was instantly fascinated. This turned everything I knew about science on its head, and even parts of mathematics. So I dragged my poor dad and astounded mother all the way to London (we live in Manchester) and I bought as many books as my dad and I could carry, with topics ranging from accidental magic to troll hunting to (of course) arithmancy and everything in between. I resolved right then and there to prepare myself for my Hogwarts education as much as possible, including learning all of the theory of magic I could get my hands on and even teaching myself to have some control over my accidental magic. Four years later, I am probably as ready to go to Hogwarts as I can ever be, although I'm nervous about falling behind, being raised in the muggle world in all. My parents keep insisting that I'm ridiculously overprepared for a first year, but I worry all the same. However, I'm so, so excited to begin my journey in the magical world and learn as much as I can.

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