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I still remember the day i was put on the Sorting Hat, I come from a family of Purebloods and I had no doubt that I would be put in the House Of Slytherin and sure enough the hat announced out loud "Slytherin" as my house I remembered my confident smirk that day. As a student now here at hogwarts I find myself pleased here learning what I can to show i can grow more and more by staying dedicated to myself and my fellow Slytherin companions. Im very prideful of my talents, yet im also friendly, other fellow Slytherins tend to look up to me at times for guidence or advice, they see a sense of leadership within me, other houses however tend to see me ina negative way at times due to my strong and prideful vibe but sometimes others tend to also notice the friendly and thoughtfulness of myself, its normally Gryffindors who take me as wrong, most times i don't badmouth another fellow student or say bad remarks about another house unless ive been disrespected or I witness a bully picking on a fellow Slytherin in need and let me tell you there have been days where Ive had to face enemies whether it was to defend myself or another fellow student and casted spells to disarm or put my opponent on yield until a headmaster arrives to know what to make of the situation,usually the spells are Everte Statum or expelliarmus. I find myself liking defence against the dark arts and potions class to be my favorites subjects I'm also fascinated on the 3 unforgivable curse spells although I dont think I'll be using it unless my life is facing death I still find it useful to know all there is to know of them. True enough I'm always on my A game and always welcome new fellow friends in my life, Hogwarts Is Here and to you new Slytherins out there welcome and hope you make our House Proud!
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