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When i was sorted, the sorting hat put me in Slytherin the moment i moved towards the hat. When i was found in the alley way of Knockturn Alley i had no memory or recollection of my past. The healer from St Mungo's Hospital had little hope i would be able to return my memory. On the 3rd year in Hogwarts i managed to enter Gringotts and found i was a pureblood with a considerably large vault.....under no name....but with only the strict instruction to only open to me. Afer that revelation i was treated better in Slytherin, everyone knowing i wasn't a mudblood nor a halfblood. I became a mystery to them. A pureblood with no memory and no last name.
At school i excelled in my classes, i may have had no past, but i was adamant to make a future for myself. Most of all i enjoyed Dark Arts, Potions and Transfiguration. And also enjoyed the more poisonous sort of Herbology, I wasn't so fond of flying.
As electives i took Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy and Study of Ancient Runes.
For Extra-curricular subjects i took Advanced Arithmancy Studies, Ancient Studies and Magical Theory. I didn't socialize much (except for the rumor mill for information and blackmail) and mostly focused on my studies, so it was no trouble for me.
With the other purebloods of Slytherin there's was an inner house class on Politics which enjoyed immensely.
At the moment i have an information grove set up and have a multitude of client ready, needing my talents. I don't care much for the war. People die, people live. The weak are hunted by the strong. I merely give them the weapons to either kill or protect.
Two things i have affection for are my sweet little axolotl's. I'm breeding them to be more aggressive and bloodthirsty. Such wonderful creatures. And Lilith Shyla Malfoy Black, i quess i'll see how far her loyalty will go.

I might not know anything about my past but i don't really care. I'm making my own future and my own way.
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