1st Year Student (Star Nomad)

Well, howdy. Folks call me Wander. (Profile Pic on Wall until profile pic and cover photo features are fixed)

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Name: ???(Real Name is Unknown)
Aliases: Wander, Wandy, Wandering Weirdo, Sunshine Banjo Face, Boy Wander, Tumbleweed
Age: Unknown (Appears to be regular 11 year old child on Earth)
Gender: Male

Appearance(Human): Profile Pic, about 3 ft 11 in tall at 11 yrs old.
Appearance(Alien): Profile cover photo. 4ft 12in tall

Species: Human[Half-Blood Wizard] (Alien-Star Nomad)
Intergalactic Species Catalogue Entry: Space Nomads. Also called Star Nomads, Star Travellers, more... Unknown species first noted in 249 BIU (Before Intergalactic Union, previously known as The Early Expansion Period). Origin: unknown. Planet: unknown. Lifespan: unknown. Space Nomads are thought to be a rare nomadic species defined by smaller stature, unusual eyes, and brightly coloured coats, usually in reds, oranges, and blues. Their eyes are black but change color with their emotions. Brilliant amber (Agitated), Strong chartreuse green (Happy), Brilliant azure (Disappointed), Moderate cobalt blue (Sad). They are extremely versatile and adaptive, and have been seen in a variety of ecological conditions leading to the assumption that Space Nomads are a generalist species. There have been no recorded simultaneous sighting, however matching records from no known births. In addition, there have been no records of a Space Nomad's aging process or infancy. The lack of sufficient data has led specialists to assume a vast lifespan however there is no information to back this claim. Sightings are extremely rare and have significantly reduced in the last decamillennium. The last confirmed sighting of a presumed Space Nomad dates at 14792 AIU (After Intergalactic Union) on Siigrth. Presumed extinct. Fact has been difficult to separate from fiction due to the large amount of stories and tales about them.

Occupation(Alien): Intergalactic space traveler who wishes to help others and spread love and fun throughout the Universe
Occupation(Human): 1st Year Student

Likes: Friendship, Love, Helping others, making people happy, traveling and exploring, playing his banjo, meeting new people, making friends, trying new things, parties, dancing,
Hates: Cruelty, failure, being told not to help, being rejected, not knowing something, being alone, jellyfish pie
Non-Magical Abilities: Strength, speed, playing the banjo, wits
Magical Abilities: Particularly good at Astronomy, Astrology(he understands it more like Centaurs do and less like humans do, so he has trouble in human Divination classes) and applying knowledge from both branches to magic, particularly to alchemy. Also handy at magic that enables and assists long distance travel.

Belongings(From before landing on earth): Banjo, magic hat (doesn’t give you what you want, but gives you what you need)
Belongings(from Earth): Class supplies, muggle and wizard clothes, trunk
Wand: 10 3/4 inch. Handle: Maple. Shaft: Vine. Core: Phoenix Feather. Unbending flexibility

Personality(Temperament, feelings and personal beliefs, etc.): Optimistic, cheerful, happy-go-lucky, friendly, good-natured, extremely nice, kind, big-hearted, pleasant, easygoing, carefree, extroverted, talkative, helpful, selfless, polite, funny, hyperactive, cuddlesome, empathetic, compassionate, caring, sweet, thoughtful, confident, witty, surefooted, energetic, silly, goofy, childish, innocent, flighty, naive, determined, persistent, eccentric, zany. Makes friends easily but has a hard time deepening friendships as he doesn’t stay in one place and around the same people for long. Typically becomes better friends with those he travels with or sees often in his travels. Has a hard time knowing when he’s in love as he’s never really fallen in love before. He knows though that if he is ever willing to give up his nomadic lifestyle for someone, he’s probably in love with them. He doesn't enjoy having his lifestyle changed so drastically while on earth but he can't change it unless he finds a way to get back into space so he's stuck for a while.
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