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My name is Sage Lavender, i like to go by Lavender or just Lav for short. I have five brothers and zero sisters, I'm the youngest and the baby family.

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First of magic was never my thing. I found it difficult and hard to learn. This is why my parents are sending mt to the British wizarding school Hogwarts for learning witchcraft and wizardry. My appearance may shock you at first, but I’m very shy, quit, nice and a loner. :( I was born with midnight black hair, moon pale skin, slender frame and have an eye condition called heterochromia iridis. That’s fancy talk for having two different eye colors. Instead of having two brown eyes, green eyes and or red eyes. I have my right eye with a dark to black color iris and my left eye that is dark sea-blue iris. Some witches and wizards are sometimes put of by my two different colored eyes. Does it bother? No. It used to bother me when I was younger, but I have learned to ignore those nasty comments and see my different colored eyes as a unique trait. Enough about my appearance, let’s talk about my interest and family life. I’m excited to attend Hogwarts and learn more about using magic. My primary interest for learning magic is to learn about The Dark Arts, Take Care of Magical Creatures, and Magical Plants. I’m so excited to be able to attend Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Witcher. Can’t wait to meet new witches, wizards and teacher who have masters a certain art of wizardry. Enough about my interest, lets discus my family life and how I ended up going to this British magic school. My mother is muggle, a noun magical folk, father a wizard from a long line of witches and wizards. He is now declared a werewolf, because he was attacked in the forest by a werewolf and bitten. My father never seeked help to take care of bite and the result was becoming a werewolf. My father met my mother in the most romantic place in the world Paris, France. They instantly fell in love with each other and soon became wed shortly after. I was born ten years later under a full moon in August. I was not the first child to be born, but the sixth child in long line of all boys. I have five older brothers, all who have attended different magical schools across the world and have learned new exciting things of magic.
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i also have 5 brothers, the funny part about it is, is they are all twins. except my oldest brother Sage. The reason why my parents named me Sage Lavender is because me and sage look alike. they thought it would be neat to call me Sage after my brother and Lavender, because I was born in a lavender field. Me and Sage looks a lot alike, as all most we were meant to be twins but got separated some how. Sorry it's a complicated story to tell. my other brothers are Jackson and Robin are 18, Emmett and Jasper are 17 and Sage is 22. Sage currently loves Rome and my other brothers are currently attending different Magic schools around the world. My Father thought it would be best for to get Hogwarts, because this we he went when he was boy before going on to college. SO that's my life in a nutshell, i am part werewolf and so are my brothers. some of us turn during full moons and the rest don't. i have never turned before, but was a wolf baby when I was born and changed back in the morning. so yeah... but I can't wait for classes.

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