Rosalind Carina Saburato


I was once called Aurora Lyra Malfoy. I hope to find old and new friends <3 Call me Roz

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Hello, my name is Rosalind Carina Saburato, but you can call me Roz. There is not much to say about myself. I am a pureblood witch who's family is a bit strange. My parents were curious about muggles while I was growing up. So I know a lot about muggle technology and things about their world. When I was younger, I did go to a muggle school. After an incident, which I do not remember, my parents started to home school me. My parents didn't want anything to do with muggles after that. I always wondered what had happened.

Anyways, when I was around 7 we moved to England. My father had gotten a job with the Ministry of Magic as head of a department, and my mother was offered the Head Healer position at St. Mungos. So we had to leave Japan behind. I miss Japan very much, and I miss my friends. I miss more than anything is running around the temples, and just feeling free. Moving to England has been an adventure for sure. The neighbor that my parents moved us into was full of Muggles, of course, but it was also download London. There are so many different noises and so many people. Most days, I just stay in the house, and ignore the world.

When I turned 11, my letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardary appeared. I was very upset. I demanded to know why my letter from Mahoutokoro hadn't arrived. My parents said that it would be better if I went to Hogwarts instead of Mahoutokoro. It would be safer for me, they said. I was so upset. I know that Hogwarts was a great school, but I wanted to go back to Japan. Yet, I was stuck in England for now. So, my parents took me Diagon Alley and got all my supplies that I need. I was getting excited, and I was ready to start my years at Hogwarts.

Getting to Hogwarts, the train ride was interesting. I was too shy to talk to anyone, and I didn't think anyone would like to talk to someone like me. Half Japanese, Half British girl. When the castle came into view, I smiled. I felt like I was went to come here. I listened as the HeadMistress called my name, and wanted to put the hat on my head. Taking a deep breath, I walked up, and sat down. It was then I heard a deep voice inside my mind.

"Well, this mind is fairly cut and dry. Beyond clever, observant. Empathy for others that seems to know no bounds. A way with words that would impress Rowena herself. Yes yes yes. It is very clear, but wait, what is this. There is a hint of something here. It is subtle now, but I foresee it becoming a great strength for you. You possess chivalry. A side effect of your empathy. This is interesting, but still... BETTER BE A RAVENCLAW!!!!!"

I watched as the Ravenclaw table erupted in cheers while I walked down to the table. This was my home now, and I am so proud to be a Ravenclaw. Who knows what Hogwarts has in store for me. Maybe I will meet my best friends. Who knows. But I am going to have a blast. Afterall, I am Roz, and my life will never be boring!
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