☀Sunny J. Wilder

Student/(rp & non rp acc.)

“I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind." ~John Lennon

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☀Name: Sunny J. Wilder (she'll never tell you what the "J" stands for.)

☀Nickname(s): "Sun"

☀Year: 5 (changes depending on rp)

☀Blood Status: Half Blood

☀Patronus: Phoenix

☀Wand: Apple wood, Phoenix feather core, 12 1/2 inches, rigid flexibility.

☀What the Amortentia would smell like: Melting chocolate, crackling fireplace, distinct scent of her father’s muggle record player, smell of a broom handle while being polished.

☀Pet(s): Two twin baby snowy owls, one male & one female. The male is named Felix, and female is Felicity for their name's meanings; luck and happiness.

☀Personality: Find out from rping. (My belief is regardless of whether it's a character or a rl person, who someone is is far too complex to explain in a few simple words. You get to know through experience)

☀Appearance: A mischievous, lopsided smirk seemingly always present upon her face, mostly unintentional she would say. Layered hair that has a natural, tousled wave to it, especially when run through with fingers (something she does by habit.) Each layer tipped with a fiery hue of colours. Greenish/hazel eyes that strikingly looks similar to her father. Mixed asian/caucasian. Always has a few bruises and cuts from Quidditch practice, usually from not wanting to practice with the safety gear. She is seen wearing several funky, bold-looking rings that she's very fond of. Rarely wears the uniform "correctly." Prefers to wear her shirt untucked, or her tie lazily draped around the neck. For an extra kicker to her perfectionistic sister, once in a while she wears it around her forehead as a statement.

☀Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird

☀Boggart: Seeing herself as an old, lifeless women who lived a life with no meaning.

~Oliver "Ollie" Wilder: older half brother. Keeper for Hufflepuff. A positive go-getter, loyal & humble. A talented kid, doing well in lots of things, but his favourites are visual arts and music. Patronus is a St. Bernard dog.
~Roselle Wilder: older Ravenclaw sister. Bright and quick tongued. A cold demeanor but has a nurturing streak & a love for italian cooking. Strives for perfection, her home being the stage, a place she can show off her vocal talents to her peers. Patronus is a Peacock.

(BIO UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Will write about backstory soon.)
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