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No-one really knows much about me, not even myself, except that I seem to have appeared at the doors of Hogwarts, invitation letter in hand, when I was about 13. I really don't have any memories of that, how I got there, where I came from. It's all a mystery. When the School authorities found me, they tried several greater Divination spells on me, but each and every time they only got to visualize unicorns, and a clear lake in starlight, surrounded by blue woods. Seeing that I was disprotected, and not finding anything particularly ominous about such visions, they decided to take me in. Besides, they could keep a closer eye on this stranger. The Sorting Hat placed me in Ravenclaw, though he spoke of unicorns too, muttering there was no such house in the School having such emblem, was I sure I got the right invitation letter?
I was never truly a people person, which ironically helped me blending in unsuspected, but I really enjoyed my time at the Tower and the library! There I made a few friends and did so much research, especially on the topic of unicorns. I became quite an expert on them, trying, with not much success, to dispel the fogs of my past. I won't give up yet.
Two of my other greatest passions are shiny stuff (for things like crystals, sprites, and opalescent robes) and music. I'm actually researching ways in which music has been and can be used for weaving spells and to create special magically charged zones. I called this new subject: Melomancy.
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