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Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake...maybe I don't truly fit in with Ravenclaw? But my mind was set on it as soon as I got my letter when I was younger. Growing up, I read so much about Rowena Ravenclaw growing up and grew to admire her and her accomplishments and soon it lead me to reading about the accomplishments of those who came from from her house. Garrick Ollivander became one of the best wandmakers in the world. Millicent Bagnold became the Minister of Magic (her term being right before Cornelius Fudge's). Ignatia Wildsmith, the inventor of the Floo Powder, was a Ravenclaw as well.

So many accomplished people came from Ravenclaw, well-known people for feats of the mind or leadership. Not to say the other houses didn't, but my mind always gravitated to Ravenclaw. Despite my deep admiration the people and all the Ravenclaw House stands for, I knew....I knew never sounded like the place for me. I never thought I was good enough or smart enough. Actually, in my heart, I know I was meant to be a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff House is filled with kind people, loyal people. Dependable even. But not the kind that usually goes on to do amazing things, not in comparison to the other house.

I begged the Sorting Hat to put me in Ravenclaw, to put me in a house where people would actually have expectations for me and not leave me invisible like I have been most of my life. But now the expectations thrown on me are higher than I can reach.
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