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Growing up as a single child in the English countryside, my life was always quiet and peaceful. I have loving parents, who worked so hard to give me a memorable childhood. We would always explore the nature around us, I had an unlimited supply of books to read on stormy days, and plenty of watercolours on days where it was too nice to stay inside. Life was so pleasant. But, something always felt... off. Like a piece of me was missing. And, the strangest things would happen around me when I least expected it. I saw strange creatures in the woods. When I would try to tell my parents, they would praise my creative imagination. But, I wasn't fibbing! I could never figure it out what was going on. Until now...

It was such a surprise when a horned owl flew to my cottage one evening - the oddest thing was that it had an official-looking letter attached to its leg! And, it was addressed to me! It went on to say how I was accepted to this special school for witches and wizards called Hogwarts. No one I know in the family has magical abilities, so it was quite the surprise. My parents had planned to send me to a local boarding school, but that sounded so drab. I figured I would take a chance at this Hogwarts place. I hope it will take a chance on me.
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