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Born to a Muggle couple, it was quite a surprise when a Hogwarts professor arrived at my doorstep with the news of my abilities. I had suspected there was something strange about me; after all, not many six-year olds had spent their time looking for bowtruckles (or 'stick-fairies', as I had called them) or accidentally rendered their little brother temporarily mute after an argument when we were nine. Surprisingly, soon after this announcement my maternal grandmother revealed she was a squib. Without any real abilities, she had decided it was best to embrace the Muggle world, marry, and forget about the wizarding world. As an only child with deceased parents, this wasn't too hard. Initially shocked, I eventually wrapped my head around it all, and often entertain her with stories of school. Going to Diagon Alley was the most exciting experience of my life. The rush of joy and excitement when I received my wand - hornbeam and phoenix feather, 10 3/4 inches, surprisingly swishy - was second to none. My parents even splurged and got me an owl, a beautiful barn owl I christened Aspen. The train ride to Hogwarts was the first trip I had ever taken alone, and admittedly I began feeling a bit afraid and homesick. Talking to the other students helped a lot, and the beginnings of friendship calmed my nerves. I quickly got an idea of the Hogwarts houses, but I had no idea where I would fit in: I wasn't feeling particularly brave, smart, ambitious, or friendly. Was there a house for people who felt lost and confused? Going up in front of the entire school for the sorting was terrifying; I've always been shy, and standing in front of such a crowd was among my worst fears. The hat whispered in my ear as it probed my thoughts, before announcing 'RAVENCLAW!" A table just right of the center erupted into applause, and I gratefully hurried to an empty seat. From then, I have studied hard and made new friends. My least favorite subjects are easily Astronomy and Divination, while my favorite is Charms. After graduation, I think I will eventually want to start my own bakery in Hogsmeade, selling enchanted desserts of all varieties, though I will probably start out at a job with Honeydukes or a similar establishment. Hobbies include baking and cake decorating (I'm currently working on a charm to make the pictures on cakes move), painting, and piano study.
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