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Gender: female

Wand: A golden rowan wood with the feather of an ancient phoenix as its core. A striking 12 ½ inches with pliant flexibility. A purple crystal sits at the end of the handle, weighing it down tremendously.

Patronus: Black Swan

About Me: I'm soft-spoken and quiet in class. I'm not very social but I'd love to make friends with some of my classmates. I believe that I was put into Slytherin because I’m a very ambitious and determined person. I’m also extremely self-motivated and academic.

Interests: In my free time I enjoy reading or creative writing.

Family: I'm pureblooded and both of my parents attended Hogwarts. My mother is a Hufflepuff and my father, like me, is a Slytherin. I have a younger brother who hasn’t yet attended Hogwarts. I have a tawny owl named Eddie. I named him after Eddie Kasprak from the muggle novel 'It'.

Childhood: I found out I had magical abilities when I was three years old because I could turn on the electrical lights in muggle buildings just by pointing at them. Similar to Matilda in the muggle film 'Matilda'. I grew up in a very magical house yet I was exposed to muggle culture through my mother who is a big fan of muggle film and literature.

Appearance: I have my father's dirty blonde hair and striking blue eyes but other than that, I mostly resemble my mother. I dress very feminine but I'd prefer my old sneakers over dress shoes any day.
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