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After i receive the letter of acceptance to Hogwarts i was really excited and i just wanted the day to pass, so that i could go with my parents to Diagon Alley, i couldn't sleep for a couple of hours, but when i fell asleep, i started to have a nightmare, dark creatures and voices speaking my name, i tried to run and run, but the voices were starting to catch up with me, then i fell down and woke up. I was really scared, i was just a little boy.

In the next morning as my parents promised me, we went to buy my 1 years material, after long a wait of books, books and books it finally came the time to enter Ollivanders Wand Shop, my parents let me in alone, i started to try and try wands and wands, and none of them were made for me, in a sudden moment the shop turned black, and i started hearing the voices again and in the same time a wand fell from the top of the store, and Ollivanders looked at me and then back to the wand... as i tried it the wand was totally made for me, and he warned me, be careful young boy that wand may carry the power of the dark arts, never in any instance use it to practice dark spells, because the power would be very hard to control. Since i was a kid i didn't paid attention at that in the moment.
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