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I am a half-blood with a lineage that I am trying to hide from everyone.

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When I arrived to Hogwarts, I never expected it to be like stepping into the past but I loved it! I absolutely love history and learning but I also handle scary situations well and love helping people which maybe why it took the Sorting Hat a little longer in deciding which house to put me in. However, I am so proud to be in Gryffindor. I really liked most of my classes and I haven't been able to chose a favorite. I am not the biggest fan of herbology though. I don't like dirt. I did really well in most classes especially DADA and potions but potions was not one I want to take again. Apparently that is a family thing on my father's side. I am a halfblood but I grew up in the muggle world. My parents thought it would help me understand the muggle world better and help me relate to those who are muggleborn. Basically they wanted to keep us from what our family has done in the past. So I was apart of both worlds growing up and it helped with finding my best friends. At the time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was here the second time, I was so young I don't remember it much except for the bad feelings and fear that came with it. My parents were surprised that I remembered anything about it since I was four but also not because we lost an uncle in the Battle at Hogwarts and another uncle was killed during his coming back. I think my greatest strength is also my weakest so I cannot share it. Life after school was a mystery. All I knew about it was that I would be married to a wonderful guy shortly after (still waiting for that to happen). I think the awesome part of magic is all the good you can do with it. It can help so many people if used right which makes me think I'll end up doing something after school to help people. My family has 4 pets, two cats and two dogs. My family is pretty normal. My brother is in Gryffindor also but my sister is the brains and went to ravenclaw. It has not caused many problems though. My family still has no idea how none of us ended up in Slytherin since everyone on both sides did, minus our uncle on our mother's who was in Gryffindor. We are a family and that is what matters most. Now as I have entered into the world of being adult, I am trying to figure out how to take what I learned and apply it to the world around me. So for now I find myself hoping to be teaching DADA and being a healer in the North American wizard school, Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But until then I am a 7th year student and a sister healer.
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