Faith Nutmegg


Curious and babbling ISFJ Ennagram 9

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  • 3rd Year
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Name: Faith Nutmegg

Blood Status: Muggle-born

House: Ravenclaw

Wand:   Cypress, Unicorn Hair, Slightly Springy, 14 1/2 inches

Patronus: Tortoiseshell Cat

Occupation on HIH: Professor's Assistant for History of Magic, Student


(Older Student) Being a Ravenclaw makes it very easy to be stereotyped. People who aren't in the house assume you are obsessed with learning, studying, and getting good grades. And while that was true when I was younger, I have grown as a person and a student. Now I tend to only care about that if it is something that interests me. I am beyond fascinated with both the stars and muggle inventions. I enjoy looking into how something came about and the history of items and learning not only languages but how those languages got to where they are now. I love being creative, but let's just say no one wants to borrow my notes because they are illegible unless you are me due to the doodles and notes of other things to look up later. I am a Muggle-born, which does contribute heavily to my eagerness to learn everything I can in the magical world as it is still all new and fascinating to me. I don't yet know what I want to do when I leave Hogwarts, but working somewhere where I can interact with both muggles and wizards would be amazing. Especially if it is a job where I can continue learning new things I enjoy, likely in research or teaching.

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