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I feel I had a pretty average half blood childhood, watching Lilo and Stitch while helping my mother brew potions or playing wizard chess while father gave us advice. My mother Mavis is a witch, and my father Alexander an American muggle. Together they had their oldest daughter(me), then Vincent, Mae, and finally Jasper, who was born a squib. The fact my mother was a witch was something our family naturally kept hush hush, even though we all new. After all, we lived right about her magical herb and potion shop for other half blood families like ours. When I received my Hogwarts Letter that faithful day, I didn’t know what it would mean for my family and I. Family means everything to me, coming from a my little crazy diverse family. The day had just finished in the shop when an owl flew in as our mother was re-describing the day she accidentally showed father her magic just before they started dating. Father always said he could handle little witches and wizards running around, but I don’t think my father realized his children would have to leave home for practically a whole 7 years, and I was the first to leave!
I can't help that I inherited my mother's passion for herbology and potions, and she always expects perfect grades sense she runs a shop and was a Ravenclaw. Father is just happy knowing I picked up his hobby of astronomy too. With mother having been in Ravenclaw, she and I always imagine I would be sorted into the same house, but I ended up in Slytherin and now I know this is the house I belong in! After all, I did manage to sneak in my albino pet ferret, Monster in my first year here! She’s my little ball of energy and my home away from home since day one. My brother Vincent ended up in the same house a couple of years behind me, and my youngest sister Mae will soon join us at Hogwarts. If I don’t take over my mother’s shop when I finish at Hogwarts, I think I might become a CoMC, or a curse breaker. Maybe a healer? I don’t know yet, but it will be amazing as long as I stop procrastinating!
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