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I was sorted into Hufflepuff almost immediately by the Sorting Hat. I had suspected that this would be the house I would be sorted into since it's ideals fit mine very well. I enjoy classes where I can learn about the history behind things and theories. The class I enjoy the least is probably flying, since I hate heights. I do well in many classes but particularly ones that require logic and following directions, such as potions. I am a half-blood so I haven't been affected to badly by my blood status. I was in the UK at the time of Voldemort, but I was just a baby so I don't remember anything. My greatest strength and my greatest weakness are probably the same: my desire to help others. I'm not sure what kind of job I would like after school. Probably something to do with books, such as a bookseller or a librarian. I'm fascinated by how, exactly, magic works. I want to use magic to help others but I would also probably use it as an opportunity to help myself in minor ways. I'm not sure exactly what I want besides being happy and having the people around me be happy. I have a dog named Layla at home and she is very sweet and loves to beg for food and walks. At hogwarts I have a cat named Jesper. My family is fairly normal but I get along much better with the magical side than the muggle side, not for any magical reasons, but just because I don't feel comfortable around my mom's side except for my cousin. I am asexual and homoromantic!
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