Mae Cedars


Mae is super friendly and wants to be friends with everyone! She is in Ravenclaw and excels at all her classes.

  • Joined April 2014
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 1125 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Mae is the only child of a young wizard parents. She was born in America, but when she was 5, her family moved to Scotland, where she grew up surrounded by vast, sprawling nature, which she developed a deep love for. Raised communally by witches and wizards who practiced old Celtic and druidic magic, Mae has a grasp of the inner workings of natural magic that puzzles and delights her professors.

Mae's first encounter with real magic was when her Hogwarts letter arrived. She was excited and nervous to attend a school that practiced standardized, systematic spells rather than the deeply ingrained natural magic that she was used to. Nevertheless, she packed her bags and arrived at Hogwarts determined to master all that the school offered.

She was sorted into Ravenclaw, although the sorting hat did mention that she would fit in any one of the houses. Her extraverted, exuberant nature and love of risk-taking would be at home in Gryffendor; her empathy and never-failing advice would take her far in Hufflepuff; and her ambition and drive would fit right in in Slytherin. Nonetheless, the hat deemed her hunger for knowledge and her sharp intellect the strongest of her traits, and she became a Ravenclaw.

Mae's dormmates are Isabella, an outgoing young witch with whom she competes for Best Student; Everett, a clumsy, loving dork who laments the fact that they weren't sorted into Hufflepuff; Galya, a strange girl who rarely speaks, who's shell Mae is determined to crack; and Sophie, with whom Mae shares a love of the outdoors and the deeper aspects of mysticism.

Mae is excited for what Hogwarts holds, and she is determined to complete her studies and become the best healer the wizarding world has ever seen.
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