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I was sorted into Slytherin because of my need to succeed and my cunningness to get me there. It took the hat no time to decide where I belong, I knew i was going to be in Slytherin from the start so I wasn't nervous. My favorite classes, are all of them because magic is the greatest thing ever and learning every aspect I can is important to me. I am a half-blood witch and I get along with people of all blood types and think that blood status doesn't even mater. I was born the year after the Hogwarts battle and grew up with some bullying but overall was accepted as a person. My greatest strength is being observant, since I'm fairly quiet. Being observant has lead me to find out various things that no one else would pick up on. I would say my greatest weakness is being too stubborn and not letting people help me in any way. After school I would like to travel and explore more of the wizarding world but I would also like to advocate myself for the treatment of Magical Creatures and Beasts and do research in Herbology. The most fascinating aspect of magic is the transportation and how there are so many ways to get from one place to another. I use my magic for helping others and doing anything I can to make things right. What I want is for every being that is apart of the Earth to be equal no matter what their differences are. My favorite place in Hogwarts is the library, the room of requirements, and the Slytherin common room.
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