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I was living in the muggle world for about 15 years before I knew that I have some magical talents and abilities, at first I though that it was just paranormal phenomenon but as time goes by I feel that an energy was building inside me. At first I was afraid to ask nor tell my parents what was happening but a turn of events made me gather my courage (it was when I was attending a muggle school and one of my classmates was accidentally drowning, despite being unable to swim I hardly thought that there is a way I can save my classmate from getting drowned so I reached and extended my hand and to my surprise my classmate just magically flicked out from the pool though unconscious but alive; there I knew that I have some magical powers in me). When I confronted my parents it seemed that they knew but they allowed me to speak first and then I also knew that they were witches and wizards (I thought that they were just plain muggles) who choose to stay in the muggle world to stay out of peril in the wizardring world. At first my parents were hesitant to let me go back to the world of magic but they see the need to send me back as obligation got caught up with them when they were fetched by some people from the ministry (my parents was actually renowned aurors) so then I was sent to hogwarts to study magic hone my skills and further my knowledge and abilities with magic, it was a fun time though (i'm not an average student but I prefer not to excel much in class only running second or third placer at the most) and then when I graduated from hogwarts I decided to follow my parents footsteps to become an auror myself excelling in defense against the dark arts, charms magic and battle magic. Through my quest in life i'm still aiming to learn different aspects of magic and the wizardring world like spell research, studying various beast and countering curses, though my recent endeavor is to do protective and healing magic while keeping my responsibilities to the ministry as an auror. In the long run maybe if time will permit after I have have achieve my goal in life I might return to hogwarts to teach but for now i'm just a wandering auror exploring different magic in the wizardring world.
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