"Ianthe Ozioma"

Trainee Unspeakable

Hi! I'm Ianthe a first year with a lot of ambition! Definitely check out my backstory to find out whom I'll grow up to be! ;) Ilvermorny House: TB

  • Joined April 2014
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 9 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United Kingdom


Coming from a family entirely foreign to the concept of modern; British, Magick - at a glance, it was inevitable from Ianthe's awestruck (and slightly doubtful) look when she first set eyes on her admittance letter to Hogwarts that she would try to drink in as much as the Magical World had to offer her and, as an avid adventure seeker, to this day continues in this goal.

Since graduating, she has played a part in many wizarding roles, most notably:

- Her apprenticeship under a reclusive Metal Charmer for her work experience course.
- Her year long role as an Obliviator, which she much enjoyed and still has many Muggle centred tales to regale the full capacity of The Witch & Broomstick (her local pub) with.
- Her brief, but equally as dangerous, stint as a Hit Witch before switching to Curse Breaking on the recommendation of a dear friend.
- And her current role as a Trainee Unspeakable, of which she is not available to make a comment on.

At Hogwarts, she was known, somewhat affectionately, as the 'Arbitrary Ravenclaw'. Although she possessed all signs and traits of being one, she often made - private - choices that seemed to be the very opposite of her house's basest ethics (like what she chose to do instead of studying whenever test season arose) but, nevertheless, won points for Ravenclaw when she chose to participate in classes - or was called upon. Regretfully, she spent most of her time in the company of few, or alone, due to the Magical culture shock which she never seemed to recover from, her fear of being deemed inadequate as a Muggle-born, and, lack of social skills. Upon meeting her, many remarked that she was perhaps more suited to Slytherin or Hufflepuff, but never Gryffindor.
Her yearbook quote was, simply: "I want to be great!" & her favourite lessons were Transfiguration & Charms. She also preferred watching Quidditch to playing it, although often helped out Madam Pomfrey when any of her house's team got injured.

Today, she is - admittedly capricious - monocle wearing (on account of her bad eyesight and eyepatch over her left eye sustained from Official Hit Witch business!), poem & riddle writing enthusiast with a hot-headed attitude, a penchant for wonderlust, languages, purple braids, riding dragons and complicated relationships who, on occasion, ruminates on returning to Hogwarts as a Professor (DADA, of course!) or... taking on the role of Knight Bus conductor.

Her Wand Type is the rare:14 1/2 inches, surprisingly swishy, alder with a unicorn hair core.
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