Half-blood witch that came from Spain. A little reckless and stubborn, and always optimistic. Average tall, a little chubby, with brown hair and eyes.

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Name: Ariadna García
Age: 11
House: Ravenclaw
Wand: 32'7 cm Flexible, Walnut wood, Unicorn core
Patronus: Still unkown
Mixed Blood: Mother witch, father muggle.

Hi, My name is Ariadna, but people calls me Ari.

I'm not short nor tall, I have curly brown hair and brown eyes, and I'm somewhat chubby, but not fat. I'm optimistic and make friends easily, but sometimes I also need to close myself up in a room to read and forget about the world for a while. My grandmother says I have a sharp mind, but she's my grandmother, she cannot see anything bad on her grandchild. I'm stubborn and, thanks to my family, I have a master degree in sarcasm and irony. I also have a black cat named Bastet who follos me wherever I go.

I was Born in a mixed family. My mother is a witch, but dad is a muggle, and he's ok with it. Mother comes from an ancient wizzard family from Galicia on her father's side, she's also mixed like me, my granny was a muggle like my father. My Grandfather's family is kind of weird, they're all obsessed with nature and spend most of their time in the forest that's near our home. They also help the muggles that live nearby by helping the crops to grow healthier, or healing the sick animals. Of course the muggles are none the wiser about they doing it with magic, but the village is very proud of having the best carrots, potatoes and peppers of the province. People in our little village are also kind of open minded about magic, even they don't really know because of The International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, sometimes we hear them say: "I don't believe in witches, but they do exist"

I was supposed to be educated at home with all my cousins, like my elder brother, but because of my father moving to London due to work, I ended up studding at Hogwarts. Mother said she was not going to split the family, so the five of us, my two brothers, my parents and me, ended up living in London. I was really happy when I received the letter, because without my cousins, studding at home would be kind of dull. The hardest part of coming here was learning the language, but I'm adapting, and now I manage to make people understand me. (Even though it seems I have an awful accent)

I must admit I was nervous the first time I entered the great hall, I had no previous family coming to the school so I had no clue of which house I would be sorted into. I had a nice chat with the hat, he wasn't sure if I should be a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, but in the end he sent me to Ravenclaw saying something about me being a little bit too lazy to be a Puff.

So far my favourite subjects are potions and charms. And I cannot wait to get to third year to learn Care of Magical Creatures‎.

So here I am, ready to learn what Hogwarts has to teach me.
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