Sylvan Sendero

Former Ministry now gardener

The most fragrant flowers come from enduring the most bitter of winters.

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Upon graduation I knew that i wanted to travel and see the world, but i wasn’t quite yet sure how to do that. After a chance meeting with Adrianne Abernathy, a wide-eyed ministry intern, I decided to apply with Ministry Intelligence. Charms had always been my strong class, but observing classmates and how they interacted in the corridors was always a fascination of mine. I would have become an Auror like my parents, but I’m not too fond of the Dark Arts. Aurors also tend to get a little… odd, after a while. My time in the M.I. left me experiencing global chases vicariously, however, and i was often trapped under cobblestone streets and behind castle walls implementing my charms to assist Aurors on the real adventure.

Don’t get me wrong, there is satisfaction in helping to track down and apprehend wanted criminals. Sometimes that means a Dark Wizard, but just as often it’s a slippery muggle-baiter. After a life spent in the shadows picking out societal weeds..... I found myself ready to step outside, feel the warmth of the sun on my face, and help things grow. That’s why I recently decided to leave the ministry and pursue a long-held hobby, ethnobotanical herbology.

With a renewed desire to experience the world, I want to travel the world, learn about the witches and wizards that live in it, and study the herbs that come from our different corners and how that has shaped us and our craft. Rather than stomping our weeds, I want to help grow something beautiful.
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