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I was sorted into Hufflepuff on my first day at Hogwarts (just like everyone else). I remember that moment as the most welcoming and joyful moment of my life: everyone started to clap and some of them hugged me when I sit on the table. I made a few good friends that I still can count on and I liked everyone in my house (I have the luck to say that we were kinda like a big family). I'm in my fourth year but I still have the same feeling as in first year; I enjoy most of the classes (even history every now and then, if I'm not sleeping). I'm finding my place and deciding what I will do in the future, I could go for healer but I really enjoy traveling and meeting new people with different cultures and views on the world. Fortunately, I have time to decide.
My dad's a muggle and mum's a witch, I knew since I was little: I don't remember the moment they told me, it's just been natural all my life. I've been told that my dad wasn't hard to convince about the existence of the Wizarding world or about my mum being a witch and I believe them.
I was born after the decay of Voldemort (maybe that's why I have no problem with saying his name or talking about him) and I live in Catalonia so it hasn't affected me or my family that much.
My greatest strength... determination maybe? perseverance would be a good one. Loyalty perhaps.
I think that my weakness is not knowing myself that much, when I got asked personal questions about my llife or my personality, I don't know what to answer so maybe I should do a bit of introspection every once in a while.
Most fascinating aspect of magic is magic itself, how it can be used to help and improve people's life.
I don't know yet what I want. I would go for being happy but it's too typical and not quite true. All emotions are supposed to be felt one time or another, right?
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