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Name: Oliver Adler

Age: 33 (born in 1990)

Birthplace: Zalipie, Poland

Blood status: Muggleborn

School: Durmstrang Institute

Occupation: Astronomy co-professor

Wand Details:

Ash wood

Unicorn Hair core

14 ½ inches

Hard flexibility

Patronus: Magpie


I was born in Zalipie, Poland, on May 1, 1990. I am an only child of Muggle pair Mary and Alex Nowak. My parents were a middle-class family of farmers. They introduced me to the wonders of nature from an early age. I started to show signs of accidental magic when I was four. For that reason, I was sent to live with my aunt, a muggleborn witch Clara Adler, in Norway. She showed me the Magical World and taught me the basics of Magical Theory. From an early age, I was interested in nature and read all of the books on various subjects, but mostly Astronomy and Herbology. Nature was something special for me and I wanted to know everything surrounding this subject.


I attended Durmstrang Institute, where I graduated with good grades in most subjects (except History of Magic) and pursued learning Arithmancy and Astronomy on my own. I also enrolled for muggle math classes and I was experimenting and mixing my knowledge from both worlds - Mundane and Magical.


I attended a muggle university where I studied math with a specialization in teaching. I gained a lot of knowledge there that helped me understand the importance of muggle science to the Wizarding world. To this day, I use all that I learned during my time at university in my daily life as well as my studies in various subjects, especially Arithmancy. As my part-time job, I tutor kids from muggle schools that have problems with understanding Math.


Prior to teaching at Hogwarts, I gave private astronomy lessons to gifted kids (both Magical and non-Magical) and did some experiments in my cottage house near the ocean. I am working till this day on writing a book with all of my findings and ideas.


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