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"Souls tied, intertwined by our pride and guilt."

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I've been running from my demons, afraid to look behind. I've been running from myself, afraid of what I'd find.”

- Half A Man, Dean Lewis

** NOTE: I only, Do FxF or MxM, types of Roleplay as I only play the Female lead, as I only save the FxM’s for the Ship Roleplay so I will only play male unless stated but otherwise I will be doing a Female Lead. **

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Discord: Silver Death#5269


Pinterest: @Silver_Death80

Wattpad: @Silver_Death80






Aideen Emery Black



May 2nd, 1980



Regulus Black

Mother unknown [Last Name Lovegood]






Chestnut, 14 ½, Dragon Heartstring, Fairly bendy



Draco Malfoy



Narcissa Black



James Potter





Eye Color:

Blue Green



Honey, Lemon Grass, Lavender, Honeysuckle, Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate, Ocean Water, Strawberries, Cookie Dough, Old Books, Grass, Coffee, Coca Powder, and Potions.



Blaize Zabini [ChildHood Friend]

Draco Malfoy

Pansy Parkinson

Cedric Diggory

Ginny Weasley

Harry Potter

Luna Lovegood

Neville Longbottom

Seamus Finigain

Fred Weasley

Cho Chang

Ron Weasley

Hermione Granger

Geroge Weasley

Wall Rule’s:

‣ Please, be polite to those who post, on my page as they would, do the same to you as I will not tolerate rude or childish behavior!!

‣ Don’t post, on the starter’s that get posted on my, page unless it states in the Rp as it is very rude, of you to just randomly join in!!

‣ Don’t post, Chainmail, Owl Stupid, Questions, Group Advertisements, Games, or other things that lye in that, category as I have no use for it at all!!

‣ Don’t be Homophobic, Racists, Transphobic, Childish, Rude, or just plain annoying as I will Block you and will not unblock you for any reason so keep this in mind folks!!


Roleplay Rule’s:

‣ Help, write the story/Plot/Action/Romance if there is any as if I’m not seeing that your helping out, I will stop the Roleplay as I want, to be able to bounce ideas off each other instead of having a boring Roleplay!!

‣ Write, at least a paragraph whenever you reply though, during the beginning it’s alright if you can’t because it’s the beginning after all but once were deep into it I expect to see at least a paragraph written.

‣ Please, don’t ask me to change my writing style as I have been told in past Roleplay that my writing is hard to understand so if you don’t agree to it then don’t ask or reply to whatever I have written!!

‣ Don’t use Asterisks [**} whenever you reply, it just confuses me whenever you reply as I won’t be able to tell if your character is speaking or doing an action so please, write normally.

‣ Don’t SPAM, my Owls or Page asking if I’ve seen an Owl or Post, as I won’t be replying to it right away as I need time to think, and be able to process what you have written as well as I have a lite outside of HiH!!

‣ Please, spell out the word fully don’t abbreviate them please.

‣ Let Me Know if you plan on leaving the Roleplay, or going on like a vacation to where you won’t be able to respond as I understand as I will attempt to do the same if I can but sometimes I understand if life gets in the way.

‣ Let Me Know if you have any Triggers or anything, as I don’t want to say something that, makes you upset or panicked!!

‣ If you have a starter that you’d like to use, go ahead and send it because their will be times that I won’t automatically have an idea to do for a starter!!

Roleplay Information:

** Stuff I won’t Roleplay Ever!! **

‣ Toxic/Abusive

‣ Adoption

‣ Controlling

‣ Human x Anything

‣ Double Oc Rp


Fandom Roleplay:

‣ Harry Potter

‣ London Has Fallen

‣ Hunger Games

‣ The Last of Us

‣ The Walking Dead [Tv Show]

‣ Twilight

‣ Umbrella Academy

‣ My Hero Academia

‣ Chronicles of Narnia

‣ Chronicles of Spiderwick

‣ The Witcher

‣ The Last Kingdom

‣ Annabell

‣ There’s someone in your home

‣ Maze Runner

‣ Pirates of the Caribbean 

‣ Stranger Things

‣ The 100

‣ Game Over Man!!

‣ Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

‣ Conjuring [1 and 2]

‣ The Nun

‣ Promise to Neverland

‣ Black Butler

‣ Hunter x Hunter

‣ Attack on Titan

‣ Dragon Ball Z [Series]

‣ Dorien Gray

‣ Fairy Tale

‣ Sam and Colby

‣ TFIL/Overnight

‣ The Good Doctor [Some Episodes but know enough to Rp]

‣ Criminal Minds

‣ Outer Banks

‣ Sword Art Online

‣ Death Note

‣ Ouran Highschool Host Club

‣ The Blue Exorcist

‣ Yu-Gi-Oh

‣ Wednesday

‣ First Kill

‣ Dahmer

‣ BodyGuard

‣ You Don’t Know Me

‣ Designated Survivor

‣ Extraction

‣ Fast and Furious

‣ All of Us are Dead


Ship Roleplay:

‣ Draco x Harry x Hermione

‣ Regulus x Lily x James

‣ Blaise x Neville

‣ Harry x Hermione

‣ Ron x Draco

‣ Pansy x Neville

‣ Fred x Harry

‣ Ron x Blaise

‣ Hermione x Draco

‣ Regulus x Lily

‣ James x Remus

‣ Sirius x James

‣ Lily x Remus

‣ Harry x George

‣ Cedric x Cho

‣ Lilly x Pandora

‣ Barty Crouch Jr. x Evans

‣ Regulus x James

‣ Sirius x Remus

‣ Hermione x Harry

‣ Ron x Harry

‣ Matteo x Hermione

‣ Pansy x Luna

‣ Ginny x Hermione

‣ Harry x Ginny

‣ Lily x Molly

‣ Marleen x Pandora

‣ Cedric x Harry

‣ Draco x Blaise

‣ Pansy x Hermione

‣ Ginny x Pansy

‣ Hermione x Luna


Muggle Roleplay:

‣ Friends to Lovers

‣ Stranger to Lovers

‣ Enemies to Lovers

‣ Popular Girl x Bully Boy

‣ Hero x Villain

‣ Arranged Marriage

‣ Girl Next Door x Hometown Girl

‣ Boy Next Door x Hometown Boy

‣ Hometown Girl x Boy Next Door

‣ Principal x Student

‣ Student x Teacher

‣ Popular Girl x Bully Girl

‣ Football Boy x Nerd Girl

‣ Football Boy x Nerd Boy

‣ Princess x Stable Boy

‣ Prince x Stable Boy

‣ Princess x Stable Girl

‣  Villain x Kidnapped

‣ Yandere! x Anything

‣ Stalker x Innocent

‣ Step-Brother x Bully Sister

‣ Step-Sister x Bully Brother

‣ Step-Brother x Bully Brother

‣ Step-Sister x Bully Sister

‣ Boss x Co-Worker

‣ Mafia x Right Hand

‣ Mafia x Kidnapped

‣ Mother x Daughter

‣ Mother x Son

‣ Aunt x Niece

‣ Aunt x Nephew

‣ Father x Daughter

‣ Cousin x Cousin

‣ Father x Son

‣ Uncle x Niece

‣ Uncle x Nephew

‣ Brother x Sister

‣ Brother x Brother

‣ Sister x Sister

‣ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Daughter

‣ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Daughter

‣ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Son

‣ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Son

‣ Cop x Victim

‣ Kidnapped x Kidnapper

‣ goth girl x quarterback boy

‣ royalty x bandit

‣ Princess x Pirate

‣ Prince x Pirate

‣ Queen x Servant

‣ King x Servant

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