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my ocs

name: Makaydee Longbottom

Gender: Female 

sexuality: bi

pronouns: she/her

blood status: half blood

quidditch position: seeker

looks: Has pale skin and curly red hair in a neat bun with lots of freckles

likes: crystals, the silver trio, the golden trio and reading

dislikes: snape, umbrige, math and sitting still for too long

siblings: Madison Ella Olivia Black (older sister) Dexter Potter (irl younger brother) 

fav quote: "If you can't be kind be quiet "

also has ADHD 

mental health: okay I'm a little stressed but that's normal right 

song on repeat: Sweater Weather by the neighbourhood 

link to the song:

I'm writing a book about my life irl as an Australian teen 

powers: mind reading, telekinesis and levitation



name: Athena Delacour

 gender: female

sexuality: lesbian 

pronouns: she/they

powers: mind control and dimensional travel

looks: Has tan skin and curly platinum blonde hair in braids

likes: abandoned buildings, writing, making jewellery, making flower crowns and scrapbooking

dislikes: math, science, history, cliff diving and alcohol

fave quote: "If you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right"


Name: Fala Nerezza

age: 20

gender: female

sexuality: straight 

pronouns: she/her

powers: dark magic, blood manipulation and necromancy

rest coming soon 


princess rp ocs 

name: Kate 

status: princess 


my email:

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