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Email: sarcasmfruity@gmail.com 

Discord: Sarcasm#7125

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Harry Potter || Blaise x Neville || Anything Can Happen || Open Rp



Original Character’s:

Fandom: Maze Runner



Fandom: Umbrella Academy

Caiden Hargreeves

Theodore Tommy-Lee Cross


Rule’s Section: Please, do try and follow my rules please, as I will do my best to follow your’s!

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  • Please, do help write the Action/Romance in the Rp if there will be any as I hate having to do all the writing myself so please do help out Please and Thank You!!

  • Do, say your Oc’s name at least once, in every other reply as I will have different Rp’s going on and it will get very tricky to remember who’s name goes to what Person!

  • I’m fine with anything that goes on in a Rp, so please, only use whatever you're comfortable with as I’d hate to make you uncomfortable!

  • Do write at least a paragraph when roleplaying with me as I will not respond to One-Liners as it’s very difficult to respond to those.

  • Do NOT SPAM, please as I’m very busy outside HiH and I won’t always have time to respond like normal people okay, so please give me time to reply to your Owls!!

  • Have FUN, do enjoy writing the Roleplay since you asked to start one please do enjoy it if you ever feel like stopping let me know as I will be pretty Okay with stopping the Rp okay so don’t feel obligated to keep writing if you don’t have any inspiration but do let me know if you plan to quiet!

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    Now this is my RolePlay information!


    – Regulus x Lily x James

    – Blaise x Neville

    – Hermione x Pansy

    – Luna x Hermione

    – Draco x Harry

    – Blaise x Ron

    – Pansy x Neville

    – Remus x Sirius

    – Draco x Ron

    – Harry x Hermione

    – James x Sirius

    – Matteo x Harry

    – James x Regulus

    – Hermione x Draco

    – Max x Elven

    – Jonathan x Steve

    – Mike x Will

    – Robin x Nancy

    – Billy x Steve

    – Steve x Eddie

    – Peter Pevensie x Caspian

    – Susan Pevensie x Caspian

    – Spencer x Morgan

    – Jj x Spencer



    – Harry Potter

    – Umbrella Academy

    – Hunger Games

    – Arcane

    – Stranger Things

    – 100

    – Chronicles of Narnia

    – Walking Dead

    – Until Dawn [Video Game]

    – Dead of Night [Video Game]

    – The Last Kingdom

    – The Witcher

    – Maze Runner

    – Percy Jackson [First Movie]

    – Yu-Gi-Oh!

    – Outer Banks

    – Criminal Minds

    – All of us are Dead

    – Pirates of the Caribbean 

    – Body Guard

    – Alice and Wonderland

    – First Kill

    – Designated Survivor

    – Hunter x Hunter


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